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With this book, new product team members, product managers, and innovation leaders will quickly access a concise, easy-to-follow roadmap that shows how successful teams develop new products that consumers love. Stop wasting your time and organizational resources and get moving towards what the most innovative people already know… how to create market-winning products.


Recommended by the Association of International Product Managers and Marketers

"AIPMM is a professional association for product managers and leaders. One of our programs is the Certified Innovation Leader and this is the book we recommend to all future innovation leaders."

Therese Padilla. President of the Association of International Product Marketing & Management

Praise for the Book

John Latham - Innovator

A toolkit of systematic approaches...

Leaders everywhere want more innovative products...but few know what to do. Now you can learn from an innovation leader who has been there and knows what to do. Dr. Chad McAllister provides a 'toolkit' of systematic approaches and a 'roadmap' to drive innovation into your products, and consequently, into your culture.

John Latham, PhD //  Author of "[Re]Create the Organization You Really Want"

Valerio Zanini

Create products customers love...

Use the framework in this book to know how to think like a product manager and innovation leader. Creating products customers love needs the right mindset and tools, which is what this book delivers.

Valerio Zanini  //  Author of "Deliver Great Products that Customers Love"

Greg Art

None has been better...

As an individual who served on the committee that developed the Product Development and Management Association’s (PDMA’s) New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification program and curriculum and later taught the materials to individuals seeking the certification, I have read a good number of books and articles on the subject of New Product Development and Management. None has been better in describing the distinction and relationship between the roles of Product Management and Product Development than “Turning Ideas into Market-Winning Products”.

This is an excellent book for anyone just becoming involved in the development and management of new products as well as those of us who may need a quick reminder from time to time of all the inter-related issues that need to be taken into account when developing and/or managing any new product or service. I will be recommending it highly to colleagues and clients alike.

Greg Art //  Sr. Partner, Value Innovations

Bob McGannon

Makes a complex subject digestible...

In a world of growing complexity, it is refreshing to come across a book which takes a potentially complex subject, and makes it digestible. This book does this very well. Referencing numerous resources and conveying information with relevant stories and case studies, the concept of product management and it's relationship to project and change management is laid out clearly and in an actionable way.

As all projects are in place to develop some sort of product, having an easy to use model to deploy product management discipline is useful. This book provides a great reference to assist any project manager with the tasks and approaches to successfully manage the evolution of the product being generated in a project.

Beyond that, Dr. McAllister also presents concepts for successfully managing the innovation of new products. Navigating what may seem to be a contradiction, McAllister demonstrates how appropriate discipline actually enhances innovation, helping ensure innovative ideas can translate into products that bring value to the marketplace.

This is a valuable book for product and project managers, business analysts and change managers who are working on initiatives in a business, whether or not a brand new product is being created. The concepts discussed in this book present a bit of "universal truth and discipline" that can assist all of us to bring value to our businesses.

Bob McGannon  //  Founder of Mindavation

Product Management Interview

Create revenue generating engines...

Product development and innovation remains a bit of a mystery to many firms - both long standing companies and start-ups. Bad development and innovation practices can alienate staff and customers in a quick minute!

Turning Ideas into Market-Winning Products provides a very simple to understand guide of the basic principles needed to convert pie-in-the-sky ideas into revenue generating engines which can build both market-share and brand awareness.

This is a really great resource!

Geoff Peters //  Sr. Product Manager

Gavin Feuer

Authoritatively in an easy to understand style..,

Product management has sometimes been called the "accidental profession". This is because the discipline covers so many areas from marketing, product development, projects and end user support. As a result product managers can feel pulled in multiple directions in a company where the emphasis is on project delivery and monthly financial metrics.

Chad writes authoritatively on the subject in an easy to understand style. He presents several models to guide and direct product managers in their role. The real world is often not tidy enough to accommodate rigid frameworks, by Chad has struck a balance between the ideal scenario and challenges likely to be experienced in practice.

Recommended for aspiring product managers and those who find themselves in the "accidental profession".

Gavin Feuer  //  Sr. Product Manager

Jama Bradley - Innovator

I wish I had this book when I was training...

The book provides the keys to success and competitive advantage. Straight forward with examples to drive points home. Before becoming a full-time educator, I trained people across the U.S. in new product development practices and processes. I wish I had this book as a resource because it clearly lays out what product developers and managers need to do. It is a book I will recommend to university students pursing roles in product management and product and service innovation.

Dr. Jama Bradley //  Graduate Research Professor

About the Author

Chad McAllister - The Everyday Innovator Prodcast

Chad McAllister, PhD

Chad McAllister, PhD is the host of The Everyday Innovator, the longest-running podcast equipping product managers and innovators for success. He is a recognized Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation Blogger. In addition to helping organizations improve the performance of their product managers and teams, he teachers product management and innovation management for leading universities.

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