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Here’s just some of the amazing speakers featured during The Everyday Innovator summit and in the summit playbook 

Ruben Gonzalez - Courage for Success

Ruben Gonzalez

Product Manager Interview - Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson
CPO & Coach

Product Manager Interview

Tony Ulwick
JTBD Pioneer

Product Management Interview

Ash Maurya
Running Lean

Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder
Tools for PdM

Product Management Interview

Nancy Duarte
Persuasive Presentations

Product Manager Interview -Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov
Executive Coach

Product Manager Interview -Sachin Rekhin

Sachin Rekhi
Notejoy Founder

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This diverse lineup of speakers will teach you what product managers and product VPs are doing to be a higher performer in their various fields. Join for FREE and attend the summit (only available for a limited time).

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