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RPM Experience

The most effective way to get teams launching successful high-performing products customers love.

"The only training that provides an integrated product management perspective. It did exactly what I needed it to." -Product VP

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Why They Recommend the RPM Experience

John Touvannas
John Touvannas

Director of Product Management 

I had to get my team performing well for a high-stakes, tight-deadlines product project. I wanted a full perspective and not narrow focuses that others provide. The RPM Experience delivered and now we have expanded it to all our product managers. I recommend it to anyone.

John Spero

Lean Specialist, Scrum Master

Every year we provide a formal training program for our new product managers as part of their onboarding. The RPM Experience is the foundation of this training. Product managers gain the big picture and see how all the pieces fit together to make the organization more successful.

Leighton Davies-Smith
Leighton Davies-Smith, PhD

VP Product Development

The RPM Experience is aligned with PDMA's body of knowledge. I needed to bring that BoK to my team, get them on the same page, learning the concepts that make us successful. Comparing the concepts to our practices and discussing how to better apply them improved the team's performance.

Chad McAllister - The Everyday Innovator Prodcast

About the RPM Experience Creator

Chad McAllister, PhD is the host of The Everyday Innovator, the longest-running podcast equipping product managers and innovators for success. He is a recognized Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation Blogger. In addition to helping organizations improve the performance of their product managers and teams, he teachers product management and innovation management for leading universities.

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