Product Innovation for Senior-Level Leaders

Conventional leadership inhibits innovation – leaders must do this instead.

For senior leaders, you will...

Empower your product people
Foster a culture of innovation
Accelerate product success

Your Facilitators

George Farkas

George Farkas

CEO and Innovation Consultant

George Farkas is the CEO of an Internet of Things (IoT) engineering firm and an Innovation Consultant. He holds national credentials in product and service innovation including those from Stanford University, PDMA, and AIPMM. He consults in innovation, revenue and profitability growth in a broad range of industries including Tech, Manufacturing, Consumer Brands, Services and Healthcare. In addition to advising CEO’s and Investors, he works with other executive team members and professionals in product development, marketing, engineering and research. His work with executive teams includes organization-wide alignment in goals, strategies and tactics. His passion is finding significant, often hidden, opportunities to grow revenue, profits and company valuation.

Chad McAllister, PhD - Product Master

Chad McAllister, PhD

product management professor and practitioneR

Chad McAllister, PhD, is a product management professor, practitioner, trainer, and host of the Product Mastery Now podcast. He has 30+ years of professional experience in product and leadership roles across large and small organizations and dynamic startups, and now devotes his time to teaching and helping others improve. He coauthored "Product Development and Management Body of Knowledge: A Guide Book for Product Innovation Training and Certification." The book distills five decades of industry research and current practice into actionable wisdom, empowering product professionals to innovate and excel. He created the Rapid Product Mastery (RPM) Experience to help product teams and organizations improve their innovation performance. He teaches in graduate programs for BU, CSU, Purdue, and uFRED.

why YOU NEED Product Innovation For Senior-Level Leaders

Business schools and traditional organization experience prepare managers and leaders to optimize operations. This drives out uncertainty and risk while embracing repeatable processes and cost reductions. Your education and experience have served you well for operational excellence.
However, the best organizations, including some of your competitors, don't stop there. They also embrace innovation practices and create a culture that delivers new ideas, leading to new revenue engines. Easy? Not at all. The very activities that lead to operational excellence simultaneously kill innovation. This is because the nature of innovation is accompanied by risk and uncertainty.

Most leaders say innovation is essential to organizational growth, but they don’t take action to support it, nor do they understand why leading innovation differs from managing projects. They must learn how to guide their organization simultaneously towards operational excellence and innovation accomplishments.

We help them develop innovation capability.



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We will advise you on the participants for the facilitated session to maximize the value to your leadership team.


We will facilitate one or two 3-hour sessions (in person or remote) with your leaders, using your examples and ours to understand why leading innovation must be different from traditional management. You'll learn the elements for leading innovation.


Based on the outcome of the facilitated session, we will provide a next-steps plan tailored for your organization to achieve the innovation outcomes desired.