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"A lot of product professionals don't really know what great product management is. Be one who does."

The One Thing I and Hundreds of Product Managers Did to Transform Our Careers...

I was sitting at a table with several accomplished product managers and innovators. We ranged in experience from 1 to 15 years developing products and we all had one thing in common.

While we had developed successful products, we struggled to identify what product management really involved. We each had our own secret recipe for success, and as we talked, many of the tools and techniques we used were similar. But, we were still unsure what product management included and what we were missing - what a product developer really needed to know.

More importantly, we were not confident how to recreate our previous success. Some of our products benefited from a good deal of luck, not a well-thought out plan. Luck is great, but hard to reproduce.

We had gathered as the new board for the Rocky Mountain Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), which met in Denver, CO. Our goal was to create valuable monthly meetings for product managers and developers and see our profession grow. To accomplish the goal, we chose to provide training on topics important to product managers.

But, How Would We Provide Training when We Weren't Sure What Product Management  Included?

This was a real dilemma. We could create a list of topics, but surely there must be a framework, collection of concepts, body of knowledge... something to give us a head start that identified what successful product managers and developers need to know and what they do.

Thankfully, the very group we were trying to help, PDMA, had developed a collection of resources organized into six categories. They called this the New Product Development Professional and also provided a certification so product managers and developers could earn the distinction of being a certified NPDP. 

We figured if we were going to be part of PDMA and build a strong local group, we should learn what they say product management is. The clearest way to do this was to become NPDP certified. Then we would have a foundation of practices and knowledge according to a well-established professional association.

We did this in 2 ways. First, we took the topics covered by NPDP and developed a training agenda for our monthly meetings. Second, we created study materials to help product managers prepare for and earn the NPDP certification.

The study materials were more successful than we could have imagined - with 100% of participants passing - learning the topics so well, they passed the NPDP exam and became NPDP certified.

For most participants, what was even more important than earning the professional certification was gaining the knowledge to improve their success and their careers as a product manager and developer. Through the experience, we finally had a clear grasp of what product management was about and specific actions to apply to be more successful based on the six categories of NPDP concepts.

The Six Categories Include...

Teams, People, and Organization Issues



New Products

Tools and


It was empowering to learn this information and be a better product manager. We discovered so much, like

  • Teams. How to choose between functional, lightweight, or heavyweight teams depending on the type of project.
  • Strategy. What the various innovation strategy frameworks are and how to choose between First to Market, Fast Follower, Niche, or Reactor using the organization's business strategy.
  • Portfolio Management. The tools to use to evaluate a portfolio of projects to best meet the objectives of the organization.
  • New Products Process. How to use a product process to decrease the risk and expense of making products customers don't want.
  • Tools and Metrics. Using rapid prototyping and mockups to quickly run experiments and test product concepts.
  • Market Research. The pros and cons of several voice-of-the-customer tools, such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, and user observation.

and that is only scratching the surface.

Those with This Knowledge
Stand Out

and Now Is the Time,


Product managers

are becoming the

Rock Stars

of organizations

It turns out knowledgeable product managers are in demand.

In a Glass Door report of the best professions in America, Product Management is #8

  • $113,363 average salary
  • 10,000+ current job openings

In the CBS Money Watch article “10 Most Value Corporate Jobs” Product Management and Product Development were identified as the fourth and fifth most important jobs. Only the CEO, Senior Executive, and General Manager ranked higher. The article shared...

  • Number 4 – Product manager. “I know a lot of you think engineers are responsible for inventing great products that beat the competition. They’re not. As venture capitalist and former Intel exec Bill Davidow wrote in his seminal book ‘Marketing High Technology,’ ‘Marketing must invent complete products and drive them to commanding positions in defensible market segments.’ Product marketers rarely get the credit they deserve.”
  • Number 5 – Product developer. “No matter how good marketing is, you can’t have innovative products without innovative product development people. You don’t need a management title to be looked upon with awe if you’re a top product designer. And yes, that idyllic perception is usually deserved.”

And what about the many leaders of businesses who came from product management, like...

Marissa Mayer

Jeff Bezos

Fred Smith

Proctor & Gamble
Last 7 CEOs

Steve Jobs

Join Those that Set Their Career On Target for Excellence in
Product Management

Are you like those that were sitting at the table wondering what product management really is all about? What the best product managers know and do? How they create products that customers love and their bosses love them for?

Earning the NPDP certification is what transformed us into product management and development professionals. It provided the foundation to excel in our careers and influence our companies.

Earning the NPDP Certification is the Catalyst for Growth

After learning the concepts revealed in the NPDP training, product managers say it was the most valuable action they took for creating a path that:

  • Led to new opportunities
  • Increased their visibility and influence
  • Resulted in new products customers raved about
  • Prepared them to lead product teams
  • Enabled them to mentor other product developers and managers

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The NPDP eCourse Prepares you to Pass the NPDP Exam. But More Importantly, it Prepares you for a Better Career.

The NPDP eCourse is your best way to learn the essential concepts of product management and development as you prepare to pass the NPDP exam. This eCourse has improved each year, from the humble beginnings originally created for the Rocky Mountain PDMA. Now, people take the eCourse from all over the world.

As a member of the eCourse, you get:

  1. 8 Modules - introduction, teams, strategy, portfolio management, new product process, tools & metrics, market research, comprehensive review
  2. Materials for your success:  study guide, narrated lessons, and the all important practice questions, including a practice exam.
  3. Discussion Forum: Ask questions and get answers from expert NPDP certified professionals.
NPDP eCourse

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"Best Training Course of My Career..."

"The online training course for the NPDP certification was crucial in my success passing the PDMA certification exam. The content was clear, concise accurate and WELL worth the investment. It’s the best prep training course I have been through in my career.”"

Louise Musial VP of Strategy & Business Development at PCDWords

"Helped me become a better manager..."

“As a recent MBA graduate and long time product developer, I wanted to focus my new knowledge and make a statement to peers that my career would focus on leadership aspects of product development. The study process allowed me to focus attention on product development best practices both from the materials and learning from others.

As a general manager the knowledge will help me guide my business process and maintain alignment with overall strategy.” 

Mike Jones Applications Engineer at Linear Technology

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eCourse FAQ

  • 8 modules - one module for each NPDP knowledge area + an introduction + a comprehensive review
  • Each knowledge area includes a practice quiz to help you assess your knowledge
  • Use the forum to get your questions answered by your expert NPDP instructors, Chad McAllister, PhD and Jama Bradley, PhD
  • the eCourse is self-paced once a module is released. A new module is released every week. We have found this to be optimal schedule for those wanting to learn quickly, but you can go more slowly also.
  • You are fully protected by our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked, no hassle. If the eCourse does not meet your expectations, simply tell us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your investment in your career.
  • you have access to the eCourse for an entire year - 365 days, and
  • the NPDP application process, exam, and fees for taking the exam, are managed by PDMA. Please review the PMDA website for details. The eCourse prepares you to pass the certification exam, but does not include the fees collected by PDMA for taking the exam.

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The NPDP eCoruse is Risk Free

No Hassle Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the eCourse does not meet your expectations, simply tell us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your investment in your career.

"Higher Quality Products and Better Bottom Line Results..."

"The NPDP certification helped me bring discipline to my role as Product Developer. The training allowed me to put structure around my approach to my work and my projects benefited, resulting in higher quality products and better bottom line results!

The eCourse was the perfect mix of guided and self-led training the left me totally prepared to ace the certification exam, and beyond that to build the knowledge that has ultimately contributed to success in my career."

Sonia Schumm Product Development Manager at Level 3 Communications

Recommend it without hesitation...

"The instructors' knowledge in the NPD area is very deep, and the use of examples to drive home the concepts was invaluable. We dove into the why's in addition to the what's of the topics. The study material did a great job of tying all the learning areas together in a ‘big-picture’ fashion. The eCourse workbook is full of information geared to prepare students for the exam, organized in a cohesive fashion that facilitates learning and making the mental connections between concepts. I benefited greatly by participating and would without hesitation recommend it to anyone aiming to pass the NPDP exam."

Mitra Garroussi Director of Product Development at First Data Corp

"Efficient and Effective..."

The eCourse was a very efficient and effective way for me to prepare for and pass the NPDP exam. It provided a clear understanding of NPD practices and guidelines for exam preparation. It also helped me a to make sense of my NPD knowledge and experiences by providing a coherent organization."

Alex Hyunsoo Samsung Manager

"I particularly appreciated how they helped me..."

"The weekly pace of the online training, recommended readings, and quizzes made studying for the NPDP exam simple. Because the domain of NPD is both large and evolving, I particularly appreciated how they helped me focus on the critical components of the exam. Thank you, Jama and Chad."

Brian Smith Product Strategist  at DST Systems

The eCoruse is Not for Everyone

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You can expect to:​

  • Be challenged to actually learn the concepts needed for successful product management, not only knowing how to answer the questions on the NPDP exam.
  • Network with other product managers and developers, discussing the concepts and  how they apply in their environment.
  • Be encouaged by expert instructors to keep making progress.

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