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Chad McAllister - The Everyday Innovator Prodcast

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Chad McAllister - The Everyday Innovator Prodcast
Host of the interviews, Chad McAllister, PhD.

My mission is to inspire and equip product managers to have greater influence in their organizations and over product. I call this helping product managers to become Product Masters. I'm Chad McAllister, the host of The Everyday Innovator podcast and author of Turning Ideas into Market-Winning Products. 

I am a Top 40 Product Management Influencer and a Top 10 Innovation Blogger. I have trained product managers at Microsoft, Kind Snacks, Level 3, Kohler, John Deer, J.D. Power, GHX, FedEx, Cummins, Compassion, Clorox, Cisco, Mastercard, SAIC, Thomson Reuters, Xerox, and many others.