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Double Your Success and Your Product Success Rate without Feeling Overwhelmed!

Innovation-Getting it Done

"Average product managers create the right product only 1 in 10 tries. You can 2X, 4X, or even 5X that performance, and your career at the same time"

Your path from Product Manager to
PRODUCT MASTER begins with

The IDEA Framework eCourse

IDEA Framework

​So that you know who your guide is, let me introduce myself. I'm Chad McAllister. You likely already know me from my podcast,The Everyday Innovator. 

Chad McAllister, PhD

Chad McAllister, PhD

The Everyday Innovator Podcast

Host of Podcast for Product Managers

I'm a "Top 40 Influencer in Product Management" and a "Top 10 Innovation Blogger."

Top 40 Product Management Influencer

I'm a "been there, done that" product manager, frequently working on the challenging frontend where product concepts are imagined, tested, and created. I've been creating products my entire career as an engineer and even went back to school to deeply study the subject, earning a PhD in Innovation.

My PhD in Innovation isn’t just pretty theories learned in a sterile classroom - it’s backed by real work in the trenches over a 25+ year career.

Along the way​ I've worked in small and large companies, been on the executive team of 4 startups, taught product and innovation management at several universities, and authored the 5-star rated book "Turning Ideas into Market Winning Products."

I've trained product managers at these companies and more...

Product Managers

From all of these experiences, collaboration with other product management leaders, and the knowledge gained, I created the ...

​Product Mastery Roadmap and the IDEA Framework

The roadmap begins with the IDEA Framework. This is where 

​average product managers stop being average

​and where you

  • discover how to double (2X) your product success rate
  • stop being overwhelmed as a product manager
  • know what to focus on at any specific time ​

The IDEA Framework

So much of product management training is just a list of activities or building blocks without clear organization. That’s why so many product managers feel overwhelmed… STUCK.

But the IDEA Framework cuts through the noise, organizing your work into 4 step-by-step categories.

Without organization​, you do feel overwhelmed - there are always too many things to do at the same time. This is why so many product managers don't know what to focus on.

But, with organization, you get clarity on what to do when.

There's another reason the 4 categories are so important. Some product managers spend most or all of their time in just one category. An example is ​a product manager who is responsible for a product's performance after it is launched. These are the activities in the Evolve part of the IDEA Framework, which reveals how to optimize the performance of a product during its life cycle in its target market.

However, even if you are a product manager that tends to focus on one aspect of product management, your influence and leadership increases when you understand all of the aspects of product management.

Every product manager that wants to build their base towards mastery must understand the concepts, practices, and tools in each of the 4 categories of the IDEA Framework.

The 4 categories are Ideate, ​Develop, Evolve, and Accelerate.





Pre-Launch Has Closed

To be notified when the IDEA Framework eCourse is open for registration, please enter your name and email address: