The Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Product Managers, Leaders, and Innovators

The PDMA Body of Knowledge (BoK) provides a singular reference for everyone involved in product management, development, and innovation regardless of industry. It is also the guidebook of the knowledge required to pass PDMA’s New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification exam. The BoK is organized into
seven integrated knowledge areas: management, strategy, portfolio, process, design and development, market research, and cultures & teams. It also includes case studies, examples, chapter exercises, and sample NPDP exam questions.


  • Product managers, innovators, or leaders seeking comprehensive guidance on the required disciplines for increasing the success of product innovation.
  • Those planning a new career in product or innovation management.
  • Everyone committed to earning the NPDP professional recognition to demonstrate their understanding of product innovation.

Product professionals need a proven framework to fill gaps in their knowledge while also deepening their understanding. The BoK provides an established framework for a wide cross-section of product and service industries at various levels of an organization. Only PDMA can provide this, based on researching and curating the body of knowledge since 1976.

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