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4 Ways to prepare.

1. Free Podcast

Who it is for:  Product managers, leaders, and innovators at any point in their career.

What it is:  A free resource, Product Mastery Now podcast is where we simplify the 7 knowledge areas for product mastery. These product management practices elevate your influence and create products your customers love. You’ll find interviews with many thought leaders in disciplines related to product management. Find the podcast on your favorite podcast player, visit the episode guide, or watch more recent episodes on our YouTube channel.

TRIVIA: This is the longest-running weekly product and innovation management podcast, starting in January 2015. New listeners often share, “How did I not know about this resource before – it is now one of my favorite podcasts.”

2. Rapid Product Mastery (RPM) Experience

Who it is for:  Product managers and product leaders (e.g., Product VPs) preparing to advance their career or their team’s performance. Also, those wishing to earn the NPDP certification.

What it is: The RPM Experience is comprehensive training that teaches and applies the seven knowledge areas of product mastery. These are the areas successful product managers and their organizations need to know. You already know some pieces, but this training fills in the holes and creates links between them. It is based on 50+ years of research by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). It prepares you for greater success individually as well as leading Product while also equipping you to earn the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification from PDMA*. Learn more…

3. Certified Innovation Leader (CIL)

Who it is for:  Product professionals responsible for innovation and/or leading innovation in their organization. Also, those wishing to earn the CIL credential.

What it is:  A strategic course designed to teach the innovation process and enhance organizational innovation capabilities. It also prepares you to earn the “Certified Innovation Leader” credential from the Association of International Product Marketers and Managers (AIPMM**), the largest provider of professional certifications for product professionals. Learn more…

4. Product Innovation for Senior-Level Leaders

Who it is for:  Senior leaders and executives of organizations.

What it is:  An examination of how conventional leadership inhibits innovation in organizations and what leaders must do, along with options to consider, to foster innovation in their organization. This training exists because organizations are not realizing the product success they should. If you are a senior leader, your product people want you to have this training.

*The NPDP certification application and exam is managed directly by PDMA. The RPM Experience will equip you for their certification exam.
**The CIL credential process and exam is managed directly by AIPMM. The CIL training will equip you for their certification exam.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now."

You've heard this quote, and it applies to your development as well. Most people who use our training do so to (1) prepare themselves for greater responsibilities, or (2) to create greater value for their customers and success for their organization.

What are you waiting for? 

Interestingly, most of our customers have 5 to 10 years of product experience (some have had 20+ years) before using our training. Can you guess what they share after being trained? 

I wish I would have done this sooner — I missed opportunities.

Plant the tree today. Begin your professional training. Create new opportunities for yourself, value for your customers, and growth for your organization.

Your Product Mastery Guide

I’m Chad McAllister, PhD, a product management professor, practitioner, trainer, and host of the Product Mastery Now podcast. I have 30+ years of professional experience in product and leadership roles across large and small organizations and dynamic startups. I now devote my time to teaching and helping others improve. I coauthored "Product Development and Management Body of Knowledge: A Guide Book for Product Innovation Training and Certification." The book distills five decades of industry research and current practice into actionable wisdom, empowering product professionals to innovate and excel.

Chad McAllister, PhD
RPM Experience
  • Earn PDMA's NPDP certification
  • 7 knowledge areas of product mastery
  • Fill in gaps in your knowledge
  • Learn not just how but also why
  • Backed by PDMA
Product Innovation for Senior-Level Leaders
  • Traditional management doesn't work 
  • Specifics of innovation leadership
  • Align strategy and action
  • Prepare your organization for success
  • Backed by research and experience